We need to change the world!  But how can one aspire to change the world if one is imprisoned by traditional sex-roles?  How can a man change the world in a positive direction if he is forbidden any strong feelings except anger?  How can a woman change the world if she is permitted any strong feelings except anger?  In order to effectively struggle for human rights and human dignity emotional freedom is necessary!  Feminism (defined as valuing the equality of the sexes) is fundamental!  Chimamanda Adichie makes a good case in _We Should All Be Feminists_.  She declares that feminism and femininity are not mutually exclusive.  In her personal way she mixes and matches traditionally masculine and traditionally feminine traits, honors her anger, and makes it clear that her anger does not detract from her femininity.

Likewise, Adichie makes it clear that authentic feminism does not detract from a man's masculinity.  I proceed to think:  if Adichie can honor anger, then I, as a masculine feminist, can honor tears!  Why not write about that?

(to be continued)